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Shopping Carts

This store allows you to have more than one shopping cart! Here are some situations where having more than shopping cart can be useful:

  • You are building a large dinner party order for Saturday, but want to order lunch now without having to delete everything in your cart first.
  • You put things in your shopping cart and then realise that you're not signed in. When you sign in, the products you collected can appear in a new shopping cart without affecting any existing shopping cart in your account.
  • You are placing a series of orders and the store rejects one of them, sending it back for amendment.
  • You tend to order the same thing for lunch every day and want a "Lunch" cart that refills itself.
  • You are placing orders for other people and want to keep their carts separate.

In particular, this store offers the following shopping cart features.:

  • You can have more than one shopping cart at the same time.
  • You can name your shopping carts.
  • You can configure a shopping cart to be permanent, and it will coninue to exist, even when the order it contains has been placed.
  • You can configure permanent shopping carts to refill itself automatically when it is used to place an order.

This section allows you to manage your shopping carts.