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Settings: Cards

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You have no stored credit cards.

About Stored Credit Cards

To avoid having to enter your credit card every time you place an order, you can store a card here and simply confirm it when you place an order. That saves a lot of hassle!

You can enter more than one card, and select between them when you place an order. You can delete cards. However, you cannot modify a card. If you want to modify a card, delete it and create it again. (We are unable to provide an interface for you to edit your card because we do not store your card number ourselves).

At any time, exactly one stored card is identified as the "primary card" and will be the card offered to you to confirm when you place an order. You can change the primary card as often as you wish.

Security Of Stored Credit Cards

When you enter a credit card here, it passes momentarily through our server's CPU, but we do not store it. Instead, we send it off to our e-commerce gateway service Stripe which stores the card securely, and returns us a special Stripe token (password) that can be used to instruct Stripe to charge your card, but only to our merchant facility.

We store this special Stripe password along with your cardholder name, the first and last four digits of the card number (so you can see which card it is in listings), and the expiry date (so we can remind you if your card is about to expire before it actually does). Storing the first and last four digits of a credit card does not compromise security. (see this page).

If an intruder were to get access to our server and access all our information, they wouldn't get your card number. All they would get would be the ability to charge your card to us (transactions that will be soon reversed in a batch) and not to an arbitrary merchant (where reversal might be more problematic).

Presuming that you trust Stripe's security (a reasonable assumption seeing as it is the foundation of their business), it's actually more secure to store your credit card here rather than enter it each time you order, because if you store a card card here, it will only pass through our server once, but if you enter it each time you order, it will pass through our server many times. Our server is secure, but it is not as secure as Stripe's.

Note: If you delete a credit card, we delete our record of it (cardholder name, expiry date, and last four digits) and we also instruct Stripe to delete it.