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We are business as usual, but please follow the government guidelines by using the COVID check-in, practising social distancing, and using the provided hand sanitiser.

We Are Open Again!

As of Monday 10 January 2022, we are open again!

Choose how you want us to communicate with you:

Simple Options

Do not contact me again.
Do not contact me again, and I'm angry!
I'm happy to receive all messages.

Other Options

Send me all messages except promotions by SMS.
Send me all messages except promotions (by email and SMS).
Home I'm here by mistake, and I want to go home!


  • We send messages to you by Email and SMS.
  • Each message is classified as Promotional, Transactional, or General. Examples:
    • Promotional: "20% off burgers during July!".
    • Transactional: "Your order has been sent to the kitchen.".
    • General: "We will be closed during January."
  • If you Block, you won't be able to place an order without unblocking first.
  • If you want precise control over email messages, visit your Email Settings Page.
  • If you want precise control over SMS messages, visit your Phone Settings Page.